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    It was a unique timeóthat time after the nation split the atom, but before it was split by an obscure land in Southeast Asia. Facebook, Twitter, and the other things that isolate us lay far in the future. Imagination, not video games, created a world which we eagerly explored. But, beneath the idyllic veneer of the 1950s, events were generating tremendous stresses.

    Sputnik brought the space race, then Cuba pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war. Our president was assassinated, and a subset of the population struggled to secure their rights as Americans. Then, a far off place called Vietnam sprung to the forefront and tore at the very soul of the nation. These events formed a volatile soup and produced values that would define a generation.

    Cheese Grits are stories about growing up during the turbulent 1950s and 60ís. Set in the urban south, it captures the joy and wonder of childhood and the awkwardness of young romance. It also presents the significant events of those times, as seen through the raw, unfiltered eyes of the children who were deeply affected by them.

    Humor, fear, and naÔve confidence all come into play as the nationís largest generation navigates a complicated world toward young adulthood.



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